Saturday, May 25, 2013

Applied Mythology at 100,000 All Time Pageviews

I started posting on this blog 3 years ago this month.  I had been frustrated with all the disinformation out there about agriculture, farmers, and about the technologies they employ to keep the world fed.  As of today (5/25/13) the site had its 100,000th view.  I just want to take the chance to thank some of the folks that have encouraged me along the way:

  • My lovely wife who is my much-needed editor
  • My various readers
  • Friends in the ag-defense community who have provided links, tweets and mentions
  • Grower groups that have responded with speaking invitations
  • Scientists who have provided feedback to make sure I get that part right
  • All the folks who have taken the time to comment (all 576 of you), even those who disagree with my point of view
  • Those who have sent me email responses
  • The good folks over at Biofortified who let me guest post
  • Hank at Science 2.0 who encouraged me to also post there 

Actually 72,636 of those pageviews were in the last 12 months.  I've posted 126 times on this site and 228 times total including other sites.  The most read blog posts have been:

Six Reasons Organic is Not The Most Environmentally Friendly Way to Farm (5,405)

She Shocking Carbon Footprint of Compost (5,309 views)

Do Your Really Need To Buy Organic To Avoid Pesticide Residues? (2,990)

Pesticides: Probably Less Scary Than You Imagine (2,519)

No, Cows Don't Make Fertilizer (2,435)

Counting The Cost of the Anti-GMO Movement (2,302)

A Note to Rachel Carson on the 50th Anniversary of Silent Spring (1,966)

6 More Reasons to Vote NO on California Proposition 37 (1864)

The Muddled Debate About Pesticide Use and GM Crops (1,461)

What I hope Will Be The Future of Sustainable Farming (1,455)

What Would Be "A Food Movement Worth of the Name?" (1,416)

How to Make Fresh Produce More Sustainable.  Actually Eat It! (1,219)

The Frustrating Lot of American Sweet Corn Growers (1,097)

When Increased Pesticide Use Is A Good Thing (1,094)

Updated List of Posts By Steve Savage (1,025 - has links to the other sites where I used to post, needs to be updated again),   @grapedoc


  1. Keep going. You are doing a great job. Your texts are great weapons against organic false-science.

  2. Congratulations! And yes, please, PLEASE keep going. The anti-science crowd, whether on the right or on the left, needs a countervailing force.

  3. Thanks for your work.

  4. keep going, great job you're doing :)

  5. Antonio,

    Thank you. It does mean a lot to me to hear this. I'm often accused of being a "shill" for Monsanto or "Big Ag." If there is money to be made in the "shill business" I've certainly not figured out how to do it. The time I spend on blogging is taken away from work or garden or family things. Still, I think it has been worthwhile.

  6. Steve, I'm proud to call you one of my teachers.

    Mike Bendzela

    1. I was speaking figuratively, of course, not meaning I took a class from you. I mean I learn from "teachers" every day. It's what I teach my own students...

    2. Mike,
      I understood. I always say that what you learn in college is how to learn and then keep doing it your whole life if you can.


  7. I love your blog!! So glad to see such success!! Thanks for all you do!

  8. great post, I am interesting in it!


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