Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Collected Blog Posts of an Agricultural Scientist

I began blogging about agriculture and related issues in July of 2009.  Since that time I have posted 173 times: 84 on Sustainablog, 37 on Red Green and Blue, 22 on Eat Drink Better, 3 on News Blaze, 6 on Biofortified and 9 on Applied Mythology only.  I've also posted 15 larger documents on SCRIBD.  I've classified these posts by topic below and provided links.  If the post is on this Applied Mythology site you can go to that copy using the "AM" link.  I appreciate any and all feedback! (savage.sd@gmail.com or on this site)

Attempting to counter the anti-science and anti-technology narratives that are so widespread today

Countering the widespread disinformation about biotechnology, GMOs etc

Posts about the "Carbon Footprint of Agriculture" and its often non-intuitive status

Posts about Climate Change - how it will effect agriculture and how agriculture can mitigate the changes

Some observations about demographic trends with important ramifications for humanity in the future

Thinking about the unfortunate nature of the debates over food and technology

Countering the extremely misleading interpretation of USDA pesticide residue data which appears in the Environmental Working Groups, "Dirty Dozen List"

Discussions of aspects of the food supply that are frequently misunderstood

Discussions of the challenge ahead to continue to feed a growing global population and analysis of the on-going phenomenon of unusually large swings in global food prices

Talking about the little-known fact that much of our farmland is leased, and an analysis of what that means for the implementation of optimal sustainability practices

My perspectives on what form of agriculture is actually the most sustainable?

Providing some perspective on toxicity, pesticide safety progress, and the fact that toxic materials are common in nature

Looking at historical and current trends in farming and related issues

Why an extensively "local" food supply is not practical or fully desirable

Confronting the widespread myths about what Organic is and what ultimate contribution it could ever make to the food supply

Providing some perspective on the field of biofuels

Discussions of businesses involved in farming and why they serve a necessary purpose:

Some general posts of food politics and posts in defense of farmers

General discussions about how things work in the food supply

Other random topics

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