Monday, April 19, 2010

About My Blogging Adventure

Last May (2009) I was being frustrated seeing the disinformation about agriculture that is so common.  I was on a site called "Sustainablog" intending to leave a comment to challenge some erroneous assertions the writer was making.  I noticed a link at the top of the page that said, "Write For Us."  That took me to the umbrella site called "Green Options" and to a way to apply to be a contributor.  I filled it out with full disclosure that I have been working for decades on many of the technologies that bloggers on the site distrust.  I also explained that I did a lot of work on things most of these writers would probably like (biological controls, natural product pesticides...).  I didn't hear anything until July and was surprised that they were inviting me to contribute to Sustainablog.  Since then I've written dozens of posts.

I have found it quite interesting and rewarding to be putting up "out of the box" posts in the "Green Blogosphere."  I've gotten a good share of angry comments and emails, but I've also gotten a lot of positive feedback and evidence that there are thoughtful people out there that are open to new information.  I'll list some of my favorite feedback:

  • "Steve, I'm sure we will continue to disagree on many points, but you made me think."
  • "Against my better judgement, I'm beginning to like you."
  • "I had never thought of that, that makes sense." 

I continued to post on Sustainablog until December of 2009 when Jeff, the editor, decided to take that blog in a different direction that didn't include free-lance contributions.  After that I posted on other Green Options blogs - "Eat Drink Better" and "Red Green and Blue." These are not extremely high traffic web sites, but in January and February of 2010 I often had between 500 and 1000 page views for each post.

Between February and April 2010, Green Options transitioned to "Important Media."  It was not functional for some time and there has been a big drop in readership.  I hope it can be rebuilt.  I've also posted some more technical documents of SCRIBD. I'll also include links to invited talks I've given on topics of agricultural sustainability.

I'm currently searching for a new place to post and contemplating a book that compiles and adds to these essays.